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Make Money From Your Error Pages

Have you ever visited a website, but typed in the wrong url after the domain name? What did you see? Chances are you saw a generic page that said something like, “The page cannot be displayed,” or “Not Found,” or “The requested URL was not found on this server.” This is what is more commonly […]

Adwords Help for Beginners

Steve Weber wrote: inner has one or both of these fantasies about AdWords: 1. Simply grab a few affiliate links, advertise them with Google AdWords, and then watch the money roll in! 2. Build a site, forget about SEO, advertise with AdWords, and success is just around the corner! You may already know it is […]

Beating Adwords Review

Weisheng Wu wrote: The majority of Internet marketers know about Google Adwords and its power to drive laser-targeted traffic for the products or services they created or are affiliated with. However, Adwords can cause high monthly advertising costs, especially for new and unprepared marketers who think they can make easy money with Pay-Per-Click advertising. Since […]

Adwords Miracle: Easy To Understand Strategies For Online Affiliate Marketers

Trevor Heck wrote: The Adwords Miracle Affiliate Marketing course is planned to help people who have an affiliate business and want to become more successful. The Adwords Miracle guide is simple and with live training videos and valuable information is one of the best online opportunities that greatly aid affiliate marketers. PPC or pay-per-click is […]

Adwords Miracle Guide

Jamie Clarkson wrote: One of the most effective methods of advertising to come along online is “pay-per-click” or PPC, best known because of Google’s “Adwords” program. PPC and Adwords can also be very tricky and difficult to master, so instead of relying on the information Google provides on how to use Adwords, many people have […]

Why You Should be Using Google Adwords

Dan Smith wrote: Websites thrive on traffic.  Business websites need customers.  Blogs need consumers to read them and subscribe.  As a website owner, you’ll probably spending a large portion of your time driving traffic to you website.  There are several ways to bring traffic.  You can optimize pages for the search engines.  You can write […]

Adwords Secrets Revealed – Search Query

Jeff Spires wrote: Let me ask you, how would you like to be able to find out the exact phrase that the user typed in to the Google to find your ad? Well, let me tell you, Yes! you do want to know. This Adwords Secrets Revealed trick is an absolute gold mine. Not only […]

Adwords Secrets – When to Use the Content Network

Jeff Spires wrote: Hi Guys, in this article I want to take a look at the Google adwords content network system, and show you how to turn your wasted cash into pure profit. Before we get started, I just want to point out that this article is for people who already understand the adwords system. […]

Getting Started With Google Adwords

Kevin Dahl wrote: Know anyone who doesn’t google occasionally? Probably not. Google is the gold standard in internet search engines. There are many others out there, and many others that as an affiliate marketer you will need to give due attention. But nothing is more important to affiliate marketers then learning everything they can about […]

What is the best guide/education for learning affiliate marketing?

Leigh M wrote: I am looking to learn affiliate marketing. I understand the concept involves searching Clickbank for a product to promote and then promoting it. the trouble I am having is I don’t know how to promote it properly without losing heaps of money in the process. Also I don’t know how to build […]